2017-01-17 Bocklage, JensRemove multimedia app from HomeScreen overview document... master 3.0.2 3.0.3 3.0.4 chinook/3.0.2 chinook/3.0.3 chinook/3.0.4 chinook_3.0.2 chinook_3.0.3 chinook_3.0.4
2017-01-17 Bocklage, JensReformat HomeScreen overview documentation
2017-01-09 Bocklage, JensUse smaller pictures
2017-01-09 Bocklage, JensAdd markdown docs
2017-01-04 Bocklage, JensAdd 2017 to copyright
2017-01-04 Bocklage, JensLaunch navigation@0.1 instead of nav@0.1 on key press
2016-12-28 Matt PorterFix mixer artwork to be transparent 17/7917/1 3.0.0 3.0.1 chinook/3.0.0 chinook/3.0.1 chinook_3.0.0 chinook_3.0.1
2016-12-28 Matt PorterReplace connectivity with mixer support 07/7907/2
2016-12-28 Jan-Simon MoellerMerge "StatusArea.qml: Fix date, time and weather"
2016-12-27 Leon AnaviStatusArea.qml: Fix date, time and weather 87/7887/1
2016-12-26 Tasuku SuzukiShow launcher by default 75/7875/1
2016-12-23 Jens BocklageMerge "Reworking layer/surface management"
2016-12-23 Bocklage, JensUpdate
2016-12-22 Tadao TanikawaReworking layer/surface management 35/7835/1
2016-12-22 Bocklage, JensRevert POI -> Mixer change
2016-12-22 Bocklage, JensMerge branch 'master' of https://gerrit.automotivelinux...
2016-12-22 Bocklage, JensUse Mixer instead of POI application
2016-12-22 Bocklage, JensUse Mixer instead of POI application
2016-12-21 Tasuku SuzukiRemove unused imports from Home.qml 53/7753/1
2016-12-20 Bocklage, JensMerge of src and src2 folder
2016-12-20 Tasuku SuzukiFix highlight on Shortcut area 11/7711/1
2016-12-20 Tasuku SuzukiDisable scrolling on launcher 09/7709/1
2016-12-20 Tasuku SuzukiDisable showing MediaArea variations 07/7707/1
2016-12-20 Tasuku SuzukiFix status bar layout can be broken 05/7705/2
2016-12-18 Tadao TanikawaSupport scaled output for non-FHD screen 81/7681/1
2016-12-18 Tadao TanikawaFix missing dependency for libhomescreen 79/7679/1
2016-12-16 Bocklage, JensAdd parameter "quiet" to suppress outputs
2016-12-16 Bocklage, JensAdd command line parameter mechanism
2016-12-16 Bocklage, JensAdd app parameter to set display id
2016-12-16 Bocklage, JensMake compilable on non HAVE_IVI_LAYERMANAGEMENT_API...
2016-12-15 Tadao TanikawaFix management of screen 39/7639/1
2016-12-15 Bocklage, JensDelete unneeded files
2016-12-15 Bocklage, JensLaunch navigation@0.1 when pressing NAVIGATION button 27/7627/1
2016-12-14 Scott MurrayFix EGL library name in HomeScreen systemd unit 17/7617/1
2016-12-14 Jens BocklageMerge "Fix and improve switching applications"
2016-12-14 Tadao TanikawaFix and improve switching applications 77/7577/3
2016-12-13 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd .gitreview file 73/7573/2
2016-12-13 Bocklage, JensDo not try to handle not-installed apps
2016-12-13 Bocklage, JensAdd Mentor to Copyright text
2016-12-13 Bocklage, JensUpdate
2016-12-13 Tadao TanikawaFix missing dependency for sample-qml 55/7555/1
2016-12-12 Bocklage, JensRemove SampleMediaApp and SampleNavigationApp
2016-12-12 Bocklage, JensRemove HomeScreenNG
2016-12-12 Bocklage, JensIntegrate HomeScreen D-Bus API
2016-12-12 Tadao TanikawaHack to fix issue of switching apps 37/7537/1
2016-12-09 Bocklage, JensIntegrate Home app into HomeScreen
2016-12-08 Bocklage, JensDisable verbose output of systems service file
2016-12-08 Scott MurrayUpdate install path in systemd unit files 83/7483/1
2016-12-07 Bocklage, JensReturn the correct list of status placeholders
2016-12-07 Bocklage, JensImprove layer- and surface handling
2016-12-07 Bocklage, JensLink to available apps
2016-12-07 Bocklage, JensOnly launch apps once
2016-12-05 Bocklage, JensFirst integration of new HMI design
2016-12-05 Kazumasa MitsunariRemove unnecessary file 25/7425/1
2016-12-02 Tasuku Suzukigenerate homescreen.pc 87/7387/1
2016-12-02 Tasuku SuzukiWIP: add Qt Quick HomeScreen UI 85/7385/1
2016-12-02 Tasuku Suzukireplace a SLOT macro with SIGNAL where a signal is... 83/7383/1
2016-12-02 Tasuku Suzukisample-qml: load qml from Qt resources 81/7381/1
2016-12-02 Tasuku Suzukiprepend 'emit' keyword whenever emiting signal 67/7367/2
2016-12-01 Bocklage, JensFix for not showing up HomeScreen during startup v0.6.4
2016-11-30 Jens BocklageMerge "Add sample qml application"
2016-11-30 Kazumasa MitsunariAdd sample qml application 47/7347/1
2016-11-30 Tasuku Suzukiimprove AppInfo class 43/7343/1
2016-11-25 Bocklage, JensArrange the surface z-order in the layer v0.6.3
2016-11-24 Bocklage, JensEnable automcatic startup of Homescreen app
2016-11-23 Bocklage, JensUse 4 layer instead of 3
2016-11-22 Tasuku Suzukifix typo 73/7273/1
2016-11-21 Tasuku Suzukiremove QMAKE_CLEAN += -r * from project files 65/7265/2
2016-11-21 Tasuku Suzukicheck ivi-layermanagement-api availability 63/7263/3
2016-11-21 Tasuku Suzukicleanup project files 61/7261/2
2016-11-21 Tasuku Suzukiintroduce interfaces.pri 59/7259/3
2016-11-21 Tasuku Suzukiremove header files missing from project file 57/7257/2
2016-11-17 Bocklage, JensSet surface source rectanglge on CONFIGURED event.
2016-11-17 Bocklage, JensAdd initial systemd service files.
2016-11-16 Bocklage, JensUse std::vector instead of std::list.
2016-11-16 Bocklage, JensChange HomeScreen API function renderSurfaceToAreaAllow...
2016-11-11 Bocklage, JensAdd Nav and Media app to control bar. 20161111_preCESIntegrationWorkshop
2016-11-11 Bocklage, JensAdd new layer WINDOWMANAGER_LAYER_HOMESCREEN_OVERLAY.
2016-11-11 Bocklage, JensAdd org.agl.homescreen function renderSurfaceToAreaAllowed.
2016-11-09 Bocklage, JensMerge branch 'master' of https://gerrit.automotivelinux...
2016-11-09 Bocklage, JensChanges to org.agl.homescreen interface
2016-11-09 Bocklage, JensChanges to org.agl.homescreen interface
2016-11-09 Bocklage, JensFix for AppInfo member initialization.
2016-11-08 Bocklage, JensPushed some versions to 0.6.0 97/7097/1 v0.6.0
2016-11-08 Bocklage, JensTizen -> AGL 95/7095/1
2016-11-08 José BolloBinding to AGL framework 99/7099/1
2016-11-08 Bocklage, Jens-Make the SampleNav app yellow. 93/7093/1
2016-11-07 Bocklage, JensRemove menus and toolbar. 91/7091/1
2016-11-07 Bocklage, JensNew HomeScreen API calls getSurfaceStatus and getAllSur... 89/7089/1
2016-11-07 Bocklage, Jensadd signal as proposed by IoT 87/7087/1
2016-11-04 José Bolloavoiding reserved keywords
2016-11-04 José Bolloadding the xml introspection of afm-user-daemon
2016-11-04 Bocklage, JensAdd two sample apps just to have some Qt based applicat...
2016-11-04 Bocklage, JensFix for pid and surface handling.
2016-11-03 Bocklage, JensNew concept of dynamically placing surfaces in static... v0.4.0
2016-11-03 Bocklage, JensHomeScreen main surface has to have the surface id...
2016-11-03 Bocklage, JensHomeScreen is now visible independent of the Layout...
2016-11-02 Bocklage, JensNew layer management in WindowManager. Three layers...
2016-10-31 Bocklage, JensGenerate docbook file for the homescreen.xml introspect...
2016-10-31 Bocklage, JensIntroduces shared lib that provides the API of D-Bus...

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